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Products use fully automated technology more efficient, more durable, time-saving and convenient.


Product energy consumption is lower, but also to maintain the product benchmarking quality.


Product technology standards have become the industry, especially high-tech industry, the commanding heights.


Has received a lot of industry attention to the important qualifications and recognition.

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Compressed air drain valve development history

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The advantages of automatic drain valve

The advantages of automatic drain valve

The implementing agency adopts a new series of GT pneumatic actuators, with double-acting and single-acting (spring return), rack and pinion drive, safe and reliable; Large-diameter valves adopt series AW pneumatic actuator fork-out drive, reasonable structure, Large output torque, double-acting and single-acting

Bypass valve action and design principles

Bypass valve action and design principles

Bypass valves are critical in oxygen valves. The bypass valve is typically connected upstream and downstream of the shut-off valve, the valve body of the ball valve, or the conduit. The bypass valve is intended to balance the pressure through the shut-off valve. Once the pressure is balanced, the balancing valve will be closed and the shut-off valve will be safely opened or closed.

How far is China's valve industry advanced from the world?

Valves are indispensable fluid control equipment for various sectors of the national economy such as petroleum, chemical, power station, long-distance pipeline, shipbuilding, nuclear industry, various cryogenic engineering, aerospace and marine oil recovery.


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