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7 maintenance tips for automatic moisture drain valve

2018-06-05 12:02:49

1, Test the sealing performance of the valve to ensure its performance.
2, should check the valve sealing surface is worn, and according to the situation for repair or replacement.
3, the valve storage environment need to pay attention, should be stored in a dry and ventilated room, and block the two ends of the channel.
4, Valves that are already installed and in use should be regularly inspected to ensure their proper operation.
5, the valve in operation should be intact, the bolts on the flange and bracket are complete, the thread is not damaged, there is no loose phenomenon.
6, Check the trapezoidal thread wear of the valve stem and stem nut, whether the filler is out of date, etc., and perform the necessary replacement.
7, If the valve is used in a harsh environment and is easily contaminated by rain, snow, dust, sand and other dirt, a protective cover should be installed on the valve stem.