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About the PS-88V automatic drain valve

2019-06-06 14:46:51

The PS-88V automatic drain valve (auto drain) is used to automatically discharge the condensate generated inside the compressed air equipment out of the compression system at any time to keep the compressed air dry and clean.




This product advantages: 


  1. All metal products, more pressure resistant.


  1. No need to use electricity, safer.


  1. Large orifices are not easy to block.


  1. There is a manual button that presses the button to clean the interior without disassembling the cleaning.


  1. Zero gas loss.


  1. Water level visible.


  1. Vent valve.


With the development of society, people have gradually begun to pursue safety, energy saving and high efficiency. Therefore, a zero-gas-loss, zero-power auto drain valve is designed, it is PS-88V.

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