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Air dryer type and precautions for use

2019-02-20 13:52:12

Three types of air dryers:

There are three methods in the industry for the drying treatment of compressed air. They are:

1. Dehydration and drying using the deliquescent characteristics of certain chemicals. Such as deliquescent compressed air dryer.

2. Dehydration drying is carried out by using a adsorbent to selectively adsorb water vapor in compressed air. Such as adsorption compressed air dryer.

3. Using the characteristics of the partial pressure of water vapor in the compressed air determined by the temperature of the compressed air, the temperature is dehydrated and dried. Such as a refrigerated compressed air dryer.

Among the above three compressed air drying apparatuses, deliquescent compressed air dryers have been basically eliminated, and cold dryers and adsorption type compressed air dryers are being widely used.


Note on the use of air dryer:

1. When installing or replacing the air dryer, clean the pipeline to prevent air leakage.

2. When installing or replacing the air dryer, pay attention to the connection of the inlet and outlet ports, and do not install the reverse.

3. The drying cylinder should be replaced regularly (the general period is not more than two years) to ensure the normal operation of the air dryer.

4. Vehicles equipped with air dryers can eliminate pressure regulating valves, antifreeze valves, wet gas storage cylinders and automatic drain valves for easy installation.

5. When installing the air dryer, keep a space of 30m2 in the upper part for replacement. The assembly should be installed vertically to ensure free drainage.

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