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Application of automatic drainage valve in water supply field

2018-07-02 10:20:28

Industrial and residential water supply is closely related to people's daily life and production work. The water supply network is the bridge between the water supply company and users. The water supply pipe network consists of pipes, valves and other pipe accessories and accessories. In the daily water supply pipe network, water supply, water pressure scheduling and deployment, repair and maintenance of the water stop needs, the connection of old and new pipelines, pipeline flushing, etc., have to open and close the valve, water supply and drainage valve product life and Quality plays a crucial role in the normal operation of the water supply network.
China's water supply industry has passed the construction period and entered a mature stage with the service industry as the main body. As of 2009, China's urban public water plants have reached more than 4,000, and the city's water supply capacity is 266 million cubic meters per day. By the end of 2010, the total length of China's water supply pipeline reached 562,000 kilometers, an increase of 183,000 kilometers compared with 2005, with an average annual growth rate of 8.2%, and the corresponding water supply valve market demand was about 10.55 billion yuan.