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Auto condensate drain valve characteristics

2018-06-08 14:11:27

1. Anti-cavitation: This product uses the original cavitation elimination device to prevent the pump from cavitation and allows the condensate recovery system to operate under high temperature and airtight conditions.
2. Energy saving and environmental protection: This product makes full use of condensate water recycling, improves boiler feedwater temperature, increases boiler efficiency, saves fuel by approximately 20%, saves water by approximately 20-80%, and reduces water treatment equipment investment and operating costs. The heat and noise pollution of the secondary steam exhaust and the smoke and dust pollution emissions have reduced the environmental pollution.
3, high automation program: This product uses automatic control of the pump to open, double pump automatic switching, automatic alarm and other measures to form a closed backwater automation operation.
4. Small size: The product is mechanical and electrical integration, small in size, easy to transport, small in area, easy to install and use, and reduces civil investment.
5, simple structure: set flash tank, condensate fast row device, pressure balance device, liquid level changer, decontamination device, cavitation eliminator, water storage tank as one. In general, the pressure balance device of the water storage tank is under 0.1MPa. The system operation is capable of achieving a series of intelligent program control such as automatic opening and closing, automatic alarm, automatic pressure regulation, and automatic switching of the condensate pump. The equipment is of good integrity and easy to install and maintain.
6, installation flexibility: can be installed at the beginning of the backwater pipeline, but also according to the layout of the use of steam equipment, installed in the ground.