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Compressed air drain valve development history

2018-05-22 17:09:24

Compressed air drain valve development history


1. Manual drainage stage (past):

    At first, people manually discharged the condensate in the compressed air. The disadvantage of this method is that the drainage also discharges a large amount of compressed air, and it is necessary to drain water from time to time. Once it is forgotten, it will cause the compressed air to be recontaminated by the condensed water.

2: Automatic drain valve (currently performed):

    With the development needs, and in order to facilitate the operation, automatic drain valve have been created.

The automatic drain valve is used to automatically exclude the condensation at the bottom of the pipeline, the water separator, the gas tank, and the bottom of various filters. Can be installed in places where it is inconvenient for artificial drainage, such as high places, low places, and narrow places. It can prevent the artificial drainage from being forgotten and cause the compressed air to be recontaminated by the condensed water. Greatly improved drainage efficiency.

At the present stage, it is mainly to use automatic drains: mainly divided into pneumatic drain valve, floating ball drain valve, and electronic auto drain valve.

Pneumatic drain valve: The main use of differential pressure drainage.

Floating ball drain valve: The float switch is mainly used to control the drain switch.

Electronic auto drain valve: mainly through the control of drainage.

3: Intelligent Drainage (Future):

   With the progress of the times, the industry has gradually entered scale, and smart dials and natural drains are no exception. In the future, we can also control the drain through the computer. Just as we control the air compressor through a computer, the efficiency will be greatly improved. Our company has already started to develop intelligent drains and we believe it will be available in the near future.