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Domestic valve industry trends

2018-07-09 10:38:27

In the current valve market, it is based on and is a kind of provocation. We are confident that it is getting better and better. As long as we continue to innovate and innovate, we can definitely make a deeper breakthrough, as long as we can seize the opportunity. Strengthening the research and development skills, and constantly improving the product skill content and product quantity, will be able to stop in the vast market.
It is understood that with the deepening of competition, the profit margin of various stages of valve property is constantly re-compressed, and the price of the price is eliminated. More and more units understand that competition alone is not enough, not a long-term growth bias. Therefore, the valve unit is improving its own strength, can expand the market faster, improve the quality of products, and then promote competitiveness.
Due to the oversupply of valve cabinet products and the increase of quality pressure, the sales channel has become one of the key competitive factors. The competition of the channels is also fierce. On the one hand, because kitchen manufacturers have strengthened their control over retail sales, eliminating the key to selling, and reducing the cost of selling, the sales channels have turned to professional bias, and the mode of each unit has grown toward the market. On the other hand, the growth trend of the retail industry is that the units of large-scale home appliance chain stores continue to rise, and the control of the industry is strengthened, and triggered; the price competition dominated by manufacturers.
At the same time, the international market has higher requirements for the quality, packaging and supply deadlines of China's valve products, and some have extended the product development and production process, and the product and situation cover, energy resources, humanities The situation is united.
In the next few years, it will be the “shock period” of the valve industry. The direct result is that the trend of the decomposition of the south and north poles of the valve camp is now expanding. However, in the next few years, the opportunities brought by the valve industry will be great, and the entire valve market will become more rational.
From the current production scope, the valve industry can't keep up with the pace of the period. From the competition analysis and growth trend of the valve industry, the research and understanding of the situation is affected by the big situation. The rapid growth of the valve industry has disappeared, and the market has fallen into A downturn. It really leads to a slowdown in the growth rate of the valve industry. The reason why valve companies face the huge survival and survival crisis is not because of the downturn in the big situation, but because of the divergent bite and valve enterprise in the field of market differentiation and management of the main business. There are defects inside. Now, the valve enterprise's growth concept is still in place, and the outdated production model is still popular. Many valve companies have been unable to keep up with the pace of progress during the period.
The valve industry needs to change the existing production system to strengthen the technical transformation. The goal of homogenization is becoming more and more serious. Under this severe situation, the valve unit needs to understand that the low-cost, low-skilled valve products are full of the market, not only disturbing The decisiveness of consumers and the desire to purchase also hindered the maturity of the valve market. Therefore, if valve companies want to improve production obedience, they must first transform existing production systems, increase investment in contemporary production lines, and strengthen skills transformation.