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Drainage use and precautions

2018-04-24 15:32:13

(1)collect condensate, water and dirt in the gas pipe network, and ensure the normal operation of the gas pipeline network facilities.
(2) prevent gas leakage and prevent gas poisoning, fire and explosion accidents.

1, strengthen the operation and management of the drains, strictly observe the safety regulations for the drains in the safety regulations for gas in industrial enterprises. It
2, strengthen the maintenance of the drainage device, clean up the sundries in the drainer in time, do a good job of removing rust and anticorrosion of the drainer, ensure that the exterior and internal components of the drainer are intact, prevent the corrosion and perforation of the components such as the bucket body and partition board, and cause the drains to decrease because of the water level, and affect the water seal effect of the drains.
3, to strengthen the daily monitoring of the drains to ensure that the water level of the drainer meets the requirements, and to prevent the drainage from the closure of the inlet pipe valve (or the insufficient water compensation), which causes the water level to be reduced, resulting in the abnormal water seal of the drainer.
4, strengthen the management of the drainpipe overflow pipe, check the drain of the overflow pipe everyday, so that the monitoring drainer is running normally.
5.strengthen the monitoring of the pressure of the gas pipe network to avoid the failure of the drainpipe due to the high pressure of the pipe network, resulting in gas leakage.
6, all employees have the obligation to monitor and protect the equipment and facilities such as drainage equipment, such as the abnormal phenomena such as the corrosion of the bucket body, the water intake being blocked or artificial closed, the overflow pipe undrained, and so on. It should be timely feedback to the power plant production office, the gas protection station or the group company's annulus department.