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Function and principle of bypass valve

2018-07-29 12:23:21

A valve mounted on a bypass pipe of a water intake valve to charge water to balance the front and rear pressure of the water intake valve.
For example, pressure relief valves, control valves, and steam hydrophobic valves are usually equipped with bypass tubes. Valves installed on bypass pipes are called bypass valves. The term bypass valve refers to a valve installed on a bypass pipe, but does not specifically refer to the type and structure of the valve. Bypass valve, also known as self-pressure bypass differential valve, self-pressure self-pressure differential control valve
Roles and principles
The pressure difference bypass valve of the air-conditioning system is used on the main pipe between the water collector and the water distributor of the cooling unit. The principle is to sense the water pressure at both ends of the water collector and the water distributor through the pressure difference controller, and then calculate the travel value based on the pressure tested. The output method is determined by the differential controller based on the calculated difference and the pre-set value to control that the valve is to increase the opening or reduce the opening, so as to adjust the water volume to achieve the purpose of balancing the water pressure of the host system.
Performance characteristics:
Self-pressure differential control valve is an electric pressure difference control valve replacement product.
Bypass valve
Its advantage is that it does not require external power and works under the pressure of the system itself. It effectively improves the operating safety factor, is safer and more reliable than the traditional electric pressure differential control valve, and solves the problem of electric pressure difference control valve's trust in electricity and circuit problems. The probability of unit damage. And the self-pressure differential control valve is easy to install, saving costs.
The purpose of the self-pressure differential control valve:
Self pressure differential control valve is applied to the protection of cold(hot) source unit. Install on the bypass pipe between the collector and the divider. When the user side runs or changes the traffic volume, the system traffic becomes smaller, resulting in an increase in pressure difference. When the pressure difference exceeds the set value, the valve automatically opens and part of the flow passes. To ensure that the unit flow is not less than the limit.
Self pressure differential control valve is applied in central heating system to ensure that a heat dissipation device is not overstressed or emptied. For example, a system with a large height difference and no distinction between high and low area systems. At this time, if the pressure is fixed at a high point, the low heat dissipation device may burst; If the pressure is set low, the height is empty.
In this case, if the heat source is low, it can be added to the supercharged pump in the branch water pipe entering the high area. After the pressure differential valve of the backpipe is increased, the pressure in the high area is reduced from the valve to the low backwater pressure; For example, the heat source can enter the low water supply pipe at a height and install a pressure differential valve, backwater plus a booster pump, so that the circulating water that is reduced by the valve pressure can return to the system.


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