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How automatic drain valve works

2018-05-29 14:39:43

A round float can move up and down in the valve. The lower seal is a drain outlet. When there is no water, the float's own weight and pressure press the float ball to seal the drain outlet. When there is water, the float floats up and the water drains.
An automatic drain valve with a valve body cover and a valve core is characterized in that the valve cover has a connection pipe thread, a valve cover hole is opened in the middle, a drainage hole and a valve body through hole are formed in the valve body. The valve body is drilled on the side of the drainage hole and drilled with a transverse hole connected with the through hole of the valve body. The plug of the outside lateral hole is provided with a plug body. The upper part of the through hole is provided with a valve core. The lower part of the valve core is equipped with a spring, and the lower part of the spring is equipped with adjustment. The bolt adjusting bolt is connected with the lower part of the valve body with a thread. The adjusting bolt is provided with a locking nut. The adjusting bolt is drilled with the inner hole of the adjusting bolt. The choice is mainly based on the pressure, temperature, diameter to choose the appropriate automatic drainage valve.
Automatic drain valve for use in compressed air tanks or other gas pressure vessels to eliminate water or hazardous liquids. The automatic drainage valve is mainly composed of a valve body, a valve cover, a valve core, a spring, an adjustment bolt, a drainage hole, and a through hole of a valve body, which are simple in structure, easy to manufacture, small in size, and convenient to use. Drainage or other harmful liquids can be used as a substitute for the blowdown valve in the lower part of the gas storage tank in the lower part of the compressor air reservoir. Ensure gas quality and prevent corrosion of pneumatic tools and pipe components.