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How to choose automatic drain valve

2018-05-25 16:21:48

How to choose the automatic drain valve(auto drainer)?


The automatic drain valve is a device that can automatically discharge the water in the compressed air.

At present, there are mainly three kinds of mainstream automatic drain valve on the market:


  1. Solenoid drain valve:(timer drain valve or electronic drain valve)

This type of drain must be energized to drain.

Advantages: You can set the drainage time and interval time, control the gas consumption in a very small range, and the drainage efficiency is high, so it is widely used by users.

Disadvantages: The coil is easy to burn, and it is also prone to clogging.

Not suitable for use on sites that are sensitive to electricity and flammable materials. (XF-16A, XF-16B)

  1. Floater (floater) drain valve:

This type of drain is mainly drained by means of a float controlling a drain switch. When the drain is filled with water, the float opens the drain switch. This process is almost gas-free, so it is also called a zero-air drain.

Advantages: No gas consumption, highest efficiency. The best choice for cost savings.

Disadvantages: The market is generally easy to plug (XF-20B).

We have developed a non-blocking (PS-88 zero gas loss).

  1. Pneumatic drain valve:

This type of drain uses the pressure of the compressed air itself to discharge water together with a small amount of gas. It is very popular for its simple installation and maintenance.

Advantages: easy installation and maintenance, easy to plug, suitable for any special occasion.

Disadvantages: A small amount of gas consumption. (PA-68, PA-68D, PB-68, PB-68D, PC-68)