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Introduction and characteristics of electronic drain valves

2018-07-04 10:11:35

The electronic drain valve is matched with the solenoid valve by an analog electronic timer to achieve automatic timing discharge of the condensate in the compressed air system. Electronic drain valves are widely used in compressed air system components such as filters, separators, dryers, gas storage tanks, and drip feet. The discharge time and interval can be adjusted according to different needs.
● One model is suitable for all applications, easy to install, fully automatic, maintenance free
● Interval and discharge time are adjustable and have test buttons
● Pressure 16Bar, a variety of voltages, a variety of interfaces to choose from
●All copper or stainless steel valves and explosion-proof valves are available
● CE certification, protection class IP65, insulation class H
●5.0mm large diameter direct acting valve, fluoro rubber seal
●With ball valve filter, separate from the drain valve, L-shaped structure