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Is it worth to buy a good drain valve?

2018-08-30 16:10:42

Electric drain valve is to prevent steam and drainage, and at the same time have the performance of air discharge. A good trap trap helps to improve the heat transfer efficiency of the heat exchange equipment, allowing steam to be fully used, saving steam and increasing production efficiency. Poor quality traps can cause water or steam to leak from the equipment. Water can cause the device to heat up slowly or fail to reach the specified temperature, resulting in failure to produce properly. Steam leakage can be a huge waste. After measuring a 2mm break, the steam leakage per hour at a pressure of 0.6MPA is 10.5KG/H. 10 hours is 105KG, one month according to 25 days of normal work is 2625KG, a year of work 10 months is 26250, the current price per ton of steam is between 180-220. According to the calculation of 180 yuan, the waste brought by one year is 4,725 yuan. A good trap can last 5-7 years. Eliminating waste and maintenance costs is a very cost-effective investment.




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