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PA 68 auto drain valve Description Detail

2018-06-02 15:30:04

PA-68 automatic valve drainer is the first choice for cold dryers, gas storage tanks, piston machines, precision oil mist filters, coolers to automatically discharge water and oil, eliminating the need to manually drain water.
● Extra large 4.2mm flow hole, easy to discharge muddy sewage, not easy to plug
● Heavy alloy valve steel, durable and superior
●Applicable fluids: various compressed gases
●Use pressure ≤2.0MPa
●Using temperature 2-80°C
● Inlet take over: 1/2'NPT
●Export Takeover: ¢8 trachea
●Easy to install, no wiring, high reliability, high safety; no fear of organic solvents, strong self-cleaning function, two filters, valve port is not easy to plug, to ensure smooth drainage; valve body using screw-type disassembly, usually maintenance Very convenient