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Pneumatic drain valve installation instructions

2018-07-11 10:22:44

1. Press the arrow to confirm the direction of the inlet and outlet during installation. The drain body must be in the vertical direction (the valve body is positive).
2. If the water volume is particularly large, turn the regulator valve counterclockwise to loosen the large displacement. After adjusting, tighten the nut.
3. If there is undrained, loosen the adjusting valve counterclockwise to let the air pressure flush the dirt and tighten the regulating valve.
4. If the environment is too dirty, clean the filter regularly and clean the filter:
    1. Close the inlet valve first and confirm that there is no pressure inside.
    2. Loosen the upper cover, remove the upper cover filter and clean it. It must be locked when the upper cover is replaced.
    3. Loosen the lower cover, remove the lower cover filter, and then replace it in sequence.
5. The drain port is connected to the Φ8 pipe and led to the sewage pipe. It can also be removed from the drain port joint with 1/2" pipe to enter the sewage system.