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Properly configure the air pressure system to use the drain valve

2018-11-16 19:43:41

Electric auto drain valve related content: reasonable configuration of air pressure system
In order to cope with the problems caused by condensate, a reasonable configuration of the compressed air system is required.
According to the factors of flow, pressure, gas temperature, ambient temperature, etc., air compressors and compressed air purification equipment and condensate discharge equipment should be selected reasonably.



The following improvements can effectively improve the efficiency of the system:
1, reasonable air compressor control method
2, using the appropriate piping design and pipe diameter
3, to avoid leakage of pipelines and equipment
4, using efficient filtration and drying equipment
5, choose reliable, zero-gas condensate removal equipment
Practice has proved that a properly configured air compressor system can save 20%-30% of energy, achieve considerable economic benefits, and avoid the impact of condensate on equipment and product quality.


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