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Structural features of the float lever type automatic drainer

2018-08-17 14:47:48

Float lever type automatic drainers are often used to automatically drain water from low pipes, refrigerated air dryers, oil-water separators, gas tanks and various air filter bottoms. It can be installed in places where it is not convenient to discharge artificial sewage, such as high places, low places and narrow places; especially in places with large gas consumption and frequent discharges, it can prevent the artificial drainage from being forgotten and the compressed air to be condensed. Water re-contamination. Also called: automatic drain valve, pipe end water accumulator, automatic drain valve, automatic drain.



Floating ball lever type automatic drainer features: float lever type structure, low starting position, more stable drainage; high-strength polycarbonate cup, plus steel protective cover, safer and more reliable; double stainless steel filter, Ensure that the drainer works normally; maintenance and cleaning are convenient; a variety of nozzle diameters are available.


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