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Structure and principle of compressed air automatic drainage valve

2018-07-28 10:10:49

Compressed air drain valve before installation, should first remove the dirt in the compressed air system, copper chips, compressed air automatic drain valve iron. There is an empty gas cylinder in the automatic drainage device. There is no water. Under the action of air pressure, the air bottle blocks the water outlet and the compressed air automatic drainage valve works. The AD series compressed air drainage device is an automatic drainage device using a die-cast aluminum shell combination., equipped with floating ball drainage system. This product is reliable, no noise, no power, no compressed air loss, not easy to block, is the best choice for compressed air exhaust valve. Compressed air drain installation requirements: actual use pressure and temperature can not exceed the label indicated. Water accumulates in the drain. After reaching a certain water level, the buoyancy is greater than the air pressure. The air bottle floats, the drain opens, the water is discharged under the action of pressure, and the buoyancy decreases. The fall of the air cylinder blocks the drain.
1, the maximum use pressure is 1.0 MPa;
2, the flow must be greater than 400L/min, the pressure is above 0.15 MPa;
3, compressed air automatic drainage, cleaning of the main components for the fine filter and deflector, which directly affects the piston movement.
Regular maintenance of automatic drains:(Decomposition, cleaning and reverse combination in the following order)
A: Cut off the inlet air of the drain;
B: Release the decompression screw to release air;
C: Confirm that there is no pressure in the drain to unload the connection screw cover D: Remove the thick filter mesh fixing nut;
E: Inverse needle down the drainage pipe, water cup, floating ball, drainage pipe decomposition and remove the fine filter net;
F: Remove control lever to remove valve and float;
G: Use both hands to hold the cavity and drain pipe carefully to separate it at an angle of 90 degrees, remove the spring and fine strainer and deflator sheet;
H: Clean the stain thoroughly with a neutral lotion and combine it in reverse order for normal use.
Characteristics of Compressed Air Automatic Drainer: Compressed Air Automatic Drainer and the traditional mechanical automatic drainage device structure is different, is a continuous drip. The outer shell is cast with aluminum alloy, the surface is sprayed and solidified, the inner and outer walls are resistant to corrosion, and the stainless steel floating ball drainage system is installed. A place, such as a high place, a low place, or a narrow place, where it is not convenient to carry out artificial sewage. When installing a drain pipe, Taiwan DPC pneumatic reminder, use an inner diameter of 10 mm, above the tube.


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