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Water electronic automatic drain valve elimination method in air compressor

2018-08-24 11:20:12

In many industries, the requirements for air compressor compressed air need to be water-free, but air compressors often have water. When there is water in the air compressor, how to eliminate the electronic automatic drain valve?

Electronic automatic drain valve installation steps
Step 1: The thing you should do before you start the installation is to clean the compressed air system. This step is very helpful for the installation behind us.
Step 2: When you install, you should pay attention to the specific direction of the arrow on the valve body on the machine, and the water outlet should not be connected with a hose that is not resistant to airflow. It will not let you start using it for a while. In the future, you will find that your water can't drain out. At this point, it should be that the hose is out.

Step 3: Note that the voltage of your access to the automatic drainer should be the same as the rated voltage on the automatic drainer, probably also, but not too low or too high, at most it is less than or equal to. If you use DC, then the positive pole you are connected to must be connected to the connector "1" on the automatic drainer.
The fourth step: If it is the drain valve that has been connected at the factory, then we should understand that the brown wire on the automatic drainer is the fire line L, the wire is zero line N, yellow and green It is the ground GND that we need to connect after installation.
Step 5: In order to prevent the long screws on the junction box from burning, we must tighten the long screws. Here, the tip of the automatic drainer is installed. The power supply must be disconnected before installation, and the compressed air must be completely drained, that is, the automatic drainer is under zero pressure.

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