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What are the application fields of basin drain valve?

2018-07-27 12:05:15

Drainage valve is a type of valve that is often used. It is a common water industry product and is widely used in various water Conservancy projects, sewage treatment projects, and buildings. Most of the buildings use low-pressure valves. Drainage valves include many types, depending on the location of the operation and the flow of water through the specific choice. In addition, the drain valve can also be used in the drainage of the sewer and has the function of controlling the water level.

  Basin Drainage Valve-Background
Drainage valves are an indispensable water industry product and are mainly used in cities, buildings, enterprise water supply and drainage projects, industrial and domestic sewage treatment and water Conservancy projects, etc.. Among them, various types of medium and low pressure valves are mainly used. Including various butterfly valves and gate valves, other ball valves, check valves, exhaust valves, plug valves, diaphragm valves, pressure relief valves, flow regulators, mud valves and so on. Drainage valves are often used in domestic water supply, fire protection systems, and industrial water supply systems. Used to control the flow, water level, etc.. Common products include: 100X remote-controlled float ball valve, 200X relief valve, 300X slow-closing reverse valve, 400X flow control valve, 500X relief pressure holding valve and so on. And a variety of different uses of relief valve, check valve and so on. Drainage valves can also be used for drainage of sewer pipes to effectively control the water level.
Basin Drainage Valve -- Application
Water supply
The water supply of industry and residents is closely related to people's daily life and production. The water supply network is a bridge between water supply companies and users. The water supply pipe network consists of various pipe accessories and fittings such as pipelines and valves. The opening and closing of valves shall be carried out in the daily supply of water supply networks, the dispatch and deployment of water pressure, the stoppage of water for repair and repair, the connection of old and new pipelines, and the washing of pipelines. The life and quality of water supply and drainage valve products play an important role in the normal operation of water supply network.
Sewage treatment
Sewage treatment and water recycling are important components of environmental protection. With the rapid development of the domestic economy and the improvement of the living standards of the residents, the annual industrial sewage and domestic sewage emissions are also increasing. Since 2004, the capacity of sewage treatment market in China has expanded rapidly, and the capacity of daily sewage treatment has increased year by year. In 2009, more than 2,000 urban sewage treatment plants were built in China, and the daily treatment capacity has reached 99.58 million cubic meters, an increase of 9.8 percent over the same period in 2004.
The background and application of the drain valve are introduced to you today. Do you understand? Drainage valves are often used in the water supply, sewage treatment and water Conservancy projects, especially in the area of sewage, and their role and achievements are remarkable. The drainage valve is an important part of the discharge and treatment, because the use of drainage valve, we greatly improve the efficiency of treatment.



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