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Why choose our pneumatic auto drain valve?

2018-06-08 10:13:32

Why choose our pneumatic auto drain valve

As we know, automatic drain valve is used in air-pressure systems at this stage. There are three main types of automatic drain valve: electronic drain valve, float drain valve, and pneumatic drain valve.

Why do we have advantages in our pneumatic drain valve (PA-68, PB-68, PC-68, PS-88)?

  1. Our products are all metal products, more pressure, more durable.
  2. Our products have larger orifices and are less likely to get clogged.
  3. No electricity, safer.
  4. Easy to install and easy to maintain. higher efficiency.

Electronic drain valve are not safe and are easy to plug.

Float drain valve are prone to clogging or other malfunctions and have a high failure rate.